ENRx, who we are ?

Founded in 2003, Espaces Naturels Régionaux (ENRX) is the joint union that is continuing the work done by "Espace Naturel Régional" (regional nature association) founded in 1978.

As a spatial environment and planning authority, Espaces Naturels Regionaux is run by the elected representatives of the region and the three regional nature parks.

The 5 ENRX project sites:

1) Contribute to the completion of the plans set out for the Parcs Naturels Régionaux (regional nature parks)

(Management of the parks' network and technical support: environmental education, monitoring and legal support, regional communication, European programmes, human resources...)

2) Make use of technical engineering resources to implement regional policies

(Regional management of green infrastructures and water courses, "Plan forêt régional" (regional forestry planning), "Plantons le décor®" (plant the scenery) scheme, suburban planning, sustainable agriculture…)

3) Transfer experience and know-how about managing parks throughout the organised regions

(Assistance to the countryside project managers, scientific and technical mediation and communication...)

4) Provide the contractors for regional and joint programmes between parks

(Objectif nature® and Biodiver’lycées® initiatives, Town planning in rural surroundings, Outdoor Sports diagnostic assessment…)

5) Promote the heritage of the Nord-Pas de Calais in terms of its fruit and vegetable growing and its animal species

(Special assignments managed by the Regional Centre for Genetic Resources, CRRG of Villeneuve d'Ascq)


ENRX is funded by the Hauts-de-France Region to implement regional assignments set out in an agreed statement of objectives. ENRX makes use of the engineering facilities available in the parks and shares its know-how throughout the entire region.

Strategic objective no. 1 - Contribute to regional policies and pool the resources available in the parks and countryside authorities with:

1 - ENRX engineering for the implementation of regional priorities in the parks and the countryside authorities (implementation of the parks' charters, applied to the countryside)

2 - A culture that is the same for all the parks (Park network management, websites, shared communications)

Strategic objective no. 2 - Contribute to the SRADDT (Regional Guidelines for Sustainable Spatial Planning) with:

3 – The breakdown of the regional TVB (Trame Verte et Bleue - green infrastructures and water courses) guidelines

4 – Schemes for the eco-friendly appropriation of the TVB

5 – The search for balance between ecological, town planning and farming aspects

6 – the promotion of the region's heritage (fruit and vegetable-growing and local species)

Strategic objective no. 3 - Organising discussions, exploiting, transferring and promoting previous initiatives handled in the Nord-Pas de Calais with:

7 – The transfer of initiatives handled in the PNRs

8 – Cooperation by designing scientific and technical mediation tools and forming a digital network of regional stakeholders

9 – The promotion of the Parks of the Nord-Pas de Calais region and the promotion of regional investment

To make it easier to implement all the initiatives planned in this agreement, the Office for the Sustainable Planning of the Region and ENRX hold official meetings together including: Implementation and monitoring committees, thematic production groups...

As a spatial environment and planning authority, Espaces Naturels Regionaux (ENRx) is run by the elected representatives of the Region and the three regional nature Parks.

"Trame verte et bleue"

(Green infrastructures and water courses)

With a new regional management programme with specific engineering resources. This supports the implementation of the regional guidelines for green infrastructures and water courses in the 3 following areas: the technical assistance to the countryside authorities, support for the "Plan forêt régional" (regional forestry plan), the regionalisation of "Plantons le décor" (Plant the scenery).


An original teaching programme to help young people get involved in environmental issues. This initiative is part of the regional policy to promote eco-friendly practices throughout life.

Town planning in rural surroundings

Projects involving all the regional nature Parks dealing with sustainable town planning in rural area and controling urban sprawl.

Environemental education

With the regionalisation of the "objective nature" program, the excellent partnership with the French Education system as part of its sustainability education programme, the mobilisation of the parks and the Caisse d'Epargne France Nord Europe, 25 000 participants/year (pupils, teachers, parents accompanying adults on field trips) are enjoying the benefits of the teaching programme.

Outdoor sports
 With in-depth nationwide diagnostic assessments on the outdoor sports in the parks and the promotion of existing outdoor sports using communications supported by the French national fund for the planning and development of the country and the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

European cooperation

With, among others, the WECAN project that brings together the nature parks of Flanders, Wales and the Nord region, and aims at developing initiatives to boost the commitment of the private sector and the general public in favour of the natural heritage.

Regional Centre for Genetic Resources

With the Regional Centre for Genetic Resources involved, working alongside businesses (breeders, farmers, market gardeners, nurseries...) and scientists (botanical conservatories, agronomical centres, universities...) in the promotion of the region's heritage in fruit and vegetable growing and animal breeds.